A quick ride on a bentbike !


Posted by Giom | Posted in Before departure | Posted on 27-03-2012

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So, I’ve just ended up my first ride on a bent bike, here are my feelings !

Well, yesterday was a perfect day for a bike ride:
- very little wind
- sunny
- around 22°C
- a wonderful lent bentbike !

So, I went for a ride for some kilometers with 2 bags as ballast – to be closer to real conditions – in direction of: somewhere else !
OK… I haven’t been that far, but I didn’t really know where my wheel would lead me or even untill where I would have gone.

On that bentbike, a Nazca Pioneer, the same i’ll receive soon, I did ride some kilometers !
By the way, here’s the itinerary I’ve done:

Parcours cycliste 1477607 – powered by Bikemap 

PS: Roll on your mouse on the “moutains”, you’ll see the itinerary moving on the map, that’s fun !

That’s a real delight, as well as on flat roads, a hill and of course in a slope !
That feeling to fly above the road in slopes is pretty brilliant !

A huge “Thank you” to Corinne and Loïc who proposed me to use one of their bike before mine arrives from the Netherlands.
Thanks also for the hours of discussions, the advice, the tricks, the ideas, the itinerary, the errors to avoid !
Coco and Lolo ride a bike on their back, the name of their project ended up in 2009, was to leave Brest to come back there by bike. Untill here everything’s fine, but they went through the whole Eurasian Continent before to cycle “back home” !
Here’s the website !

And thanks also to Mat for that pic of me on the bentbike in Landerneau :)

See you later !

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