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Leaving Istanbul, leaving what geographers give to Europe its formal borders, here we are in Asia ?

I would actually rectify and say that we are slowly approaching the East…
East, East, East …
Can you hear this word echoing like I do ?
Sultans, Silk Road, Ottoman Empire, Persia …

Okay, I have some romantic vision of Asia, based on my readings, a fantasy that Life migth be better there than here. I craved for adventure, I thirst for the unknown.

And here I am ! Arriving at nightfall, yet in an unknown country but it seems quite normal for a local to invite us ! I felt like we turned from being “strangers” to be “friends” in such a short time !

This is how we fortunately met a Turkish family born in England, also a Tatar freshly arrived from Russia, and a Spaniard and a Breton (taken for a French !).

With each of them, we debated on religion, new ways of medication, we listened to a great history lesson about the Ottoman Empire ! All of these stories watered with Russian Vodka or Turkish beer.

Can you smell it too ?

The result was that we felt like being welcomed among friends and it then became hard to leave. It has always been the same, and those discovers also attract us.

We then kept cycling towards Bursa ! not tested without the spa town of Termal. They date back to the Roman Empire and are invaded by Arab tourists. Time travel.

Minarets are singing, the “çay” is flowing, smiles are on the faces, veiled women are more present, food smells are gently floating ; a mysterious elsewhere invites us to go still further.

Our bikes teach us to be patient, and how to appreciate each turn of drool, in each sides (10 to 40 %), to savor each run, to go beyond what we thought we were capable of.

Arrived in Bursa, we are staying at a couchsurfer’s who happens to have a friend reporter. In less than 30 minutes, we are shot by a Turkish news agency cameras ! Watch us on IHA which will soon release the images !

We continue our journey eastwards after enjoying the famous Iskender Kebab in Bursa. Imagine that meal : lamb meat marinated and cooked over a charcoal. The meat is layed on a bed of pide (flat bread) and yogurt, and topped with melted butter. The local “kig ha farz”…. YUMMY !

Translation: Chloé BAULU

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Sounds wonderful! May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back!