Direction München, then the Danube !


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Ah the Danube!

I have been dreaming for months about it, I’ve heard its name in many languages​​: Donau Danube, Danube, Dunav, Dunarii … It is beautiful, it is majestic, it is stubborn, it is the longest river in Europe! (except of course if one considers that the Volga is in Europe, but that is another problem.)

But before we learn more about this river, here are some words on the Km that led me to the bank of the river where there are many cyclists.

I first stopped at Lake Constance having a nice barbecue!
Michaela ,an Austrian girl I know from my EVS in Romania, a friend of her and her mom who pampered me for a few days in Höchst. (See interview on Mouv radio! in French)

My heart wants to stay, but my legs always tell me what to do!
So here I am again! And now to München!

To München, I said, because there are more than 170km. Therefore impossible because of the weight of my luggage and the rather hilly landscape again.

So I arrived in Bavaria! I discovered the mountains, cows with their bells, the Alps in the background, and suche a beautiful weather, gorgeous!
To complete the picture, I acted like in “J’irai dormir chez vous” ( a program on the French TV), I rang at the door of a large house and I was hosted by two welcoming thirty-year-old families.
The rest of the Bicycle touring would be disturbed by – as they say in Brittany – a “maritime entry”! Well here is the coastal weather bah! Rain all day and no rain that wets! No, rather the one that stops you as soon as you see it because you know that even if you run to your car you will be soaked!
Well, if you followed my story a bit, my car has only two wheels and is human powered. It’s called “Amzer-zo” (which means “We have the time” in Breton) and therefore inevitably I’m soaked, wet, dripping, damp.
And here I must confess, yes, I took the train. Yes, but I am not shameful, no at all!
I am not a fundamentalist cyclist, but eager to meetings, I was expected in Munich, I preferred to focus on that!
One day in Munich which is a city known for its beer festival, the Oktoberfest (which is in September, I don’t know why …), I didn’t stay too long because it’s a big city – didn’t want to – well, not in the mood to be stressed – direction Mariaposching!
Where is it? How is it that you don’t know it?
Well this was where I was expected by the friend of a friend of my mom!
The network, It’s the most important thing! Besides, if you have places where I can stay for the rest of the trip, tell me!
And so, not far from 150km to do in one or two days, I don’t know yet.
But I was on the bank of the Isar, a tributary of the Danube, speeding off at 25/30 Km / h, and finally (after detours, mistakes and Co.) cycling for 190 km in one day! personal record with still 35Kg of luggage and “Amzer-zo” which hasn’t lost weight yet with its fully equipped 25 Kg, the tough guy!

I arrived at 9 p.m., very tired at Georg’s who receives me ,his table sets being printed with photos of Brittany :) which made me laugh and I liked it!
Hosted like a king, he cooked a good meal, showed me things to see in the area, invited a journalist and a member of the regional Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
You’ll see it all in a video soon!

Now, I’m going to have a beer on the bank of the Danube for St. John’s fire!

Ah ! About the Danube, you’ll know it soon when I’ll follow it !

Translation: Monique LE ROY

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