Koh Rong, little paradise


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So, here we go ! TO THE BEACH !
It’s 400km from Battambang. A night bus, and I find myself in Sihanoukville, facing the island of Koh Rong.

Felix is convalescing from the dengue, staying with the family who put us up for the past few days..
It will take him 7 days to recover.
I need to get away for a while. So I set off for a few days.
After 1 night on the bus and 2 hours on the boat, here I am at Koh Rong with all the other backpackers who decided to unwind like me.

How can I explain ? This kind of tourism has never really appealed to me. But here I am anyway !
Little island of 20km by 10km at the most, 7 villages, a few bungalows, guest rooms in families, white sandy beaches with translucid water, palm and coconut trees.
Very relaxed atmosphere !
I got into it and found myself staying 4 nights instead of the 2 I had originally planned.
Doing nothing, reading, walking on the beach, swimming, a little 7km walk through the jungle to another beach, a little kayak ride, another trek in the jungle with a guide.

I call Felix everyday to know if he is getting better. Well, not really :-( He still sleeps as much. The family look after him and give him food and drink. Not much he can do apart from taking paracetamol and wait….

He is better now. But he was badly shaken and lost 5 kilos. He has nearly caught up with me :-)
We had planned to cycle down to the beaches. But we have only got 3 days left on our visas. So we’ve got to get out as soon as possible. Pailin, the nearest frontier post lies 100 km away.
We’ll have to see how Felix is able to pedal.
New start on this trip ! Heading for Thailand !

PS. We have heard about an opening of land frontiers between Thailand and Myanmar ! Please, if you have some news, let us know !

Translated by Marie-Louise DAVIES

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