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4 days after leaving the agitation and traffic of the capital, here we are at the doors of the Cambodian marvel .
It’s probably the most touristy place we have visited since Istambul ! Easily understandable !

Dating back to the 9th century, the temples of Angkor were abandoned following the decline of the Khmer civilization in the 15th century.
They were rediscovered and rehabilitated around the start of the 20th century.

Mountains of sculpted rock bearing the effigies of the Gods in which this civilization believed.. The famous faces with enigmatic smiles. The temple of Angkor Vat surrounded by a moat 200m wide, (probably infested by crocodiles at the time). The Pagoda city « Angkor Thom »…
An incredible list of 287 temples identified in this zone which would have extended to 2000km2.
So, we had to drown in the mass of tourists from all over the world (of whom, an awful lot from France).
Found little hotel, dropped off our cycle bags, and off we went for the day to visit these 1000 year old stones sometimes buried under huge roots of cotton trees, this tropical plant with oversized proportions and invasive roots.
What else can we say ? Except that one must see it to believe it ! And if possible, before there is nothing lat all left !
By the way, what will be left of our civilization of « Everything, Straight away » ? Certainly not one trace of this internet site ! (NB. Il faudra écrire un livre papier alors :-)

Following the advice of Astrid and Gerd whom we met again here (We used to take Russian classes with them at Bishkek, Kirghistan), we took a boat from Battambang, on the other side of the lake « Tonle Sap ». On one hand because apparently, it’s beautiful, and also because we had to stop 2 more nights in order to nurse our « tourista ». Well, that’s whar comes of playing tourists !

8 hours on the boat, admiring the floating villages on the river which links this town to the lake.
Sarin, Setha, Vitya ans Satya greet us in their home. A lovely family !
Fortunately !
Because-Surprise-Felix is sick !
High temperature. Aches and pains everywhere. He sleeps all day (More than the daily siesta), and a heavy headache.
Hm ! Hm…

I am not a doctor, so let’s go and see one !
1km away at the corner hospital, a doctor who has done his studies in France, sounds Felix’s chest. Tummy OK. Breathing OK. Blood pressure OK.
A blood sample leads to a diagnosis 30 mins later. So ?…
We are in the tropics during the monsoon.
Felix doesn’t suffer from the dengue, nor from the chikunguya.
No, Felix suffers from the dengue fever. One moskito bite is enough !
Here he goes, for a week in bed with high temperatures….

I look after him for 2 days during which I put my free time to use, by working on a presentation of our project to different firms, in order to travel back home by boat…
Well, yes we are late in the season, and to come back via China, Mongolia, then Russia, would mean Siberian cold in the first sense.

Do you want to help us ?
Then, pass on this document to anyone with a contact, direct or indirect in shipping.


Felix sleeps all day.
I have finished my work for the time being.
We are in a family who can look after him from time to time.
So, I decide to go and visit the coast of the Thailand Gulf for a few days.

Translated by Marie-Louise DAVIES

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