Last Km in Romania !


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So, after exactly one month I left Romania !

I left Bucuresti at the hour when everyone’s sleeping, or almost. To avoid the expected heat of almost 40° in the shade.

The kilometres’ passed quite well as I already swallowed 140 km on ground that was not so flat.

I really took advantage of each occasion that allowed me to speak romanian !
To be hosted by people is still and forever my favourite solution !
So I could be hosted 2 nights after Bucharest.

The first occasion at the place of a retired man and his dad who was disabled from the first war.

After having eaten well by the Danube on my own, here I am at his home tasting his apricot Tuica !

What a delight, this homemade alcohol ! I don’t drink to excess but, the taste is really good, then I fell asleep and left again early before the heat.

The second night, I still get escorted by Elvis, a 12 years old local boy, until the closest food shop, then I managed to be hosted at his place with his parents.
For them it seemed so normal to host a passing stranger with his weird bike !
I used their kitchen and baked my pasta, talking with the son !

Then, I arrived at the Black Sea which was going to be our reference point for a long time ! This Black Sea which I dreamed of, this Black Sea which started slowly to tease my nostrils, well, I finally reached it !

Crossing the Danube one last time to tell it goodbye.
Direction Vama Veche, the beach where everything is allowed in Romania.

At first, the opponents of the communist government were the ones to gather there, now it’s all Romanians from 16 years old and more who meet there.
Tents on the sand, farniente, and disco on the beach.

Everything’s allowed !

My last moments in Romania were around 6 in the morning, the hour when party people go to sleep. Then crossing the border with a passport control, and, welcome to Bulgaria !

Translation by Fabienne AUDUREAU

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