Red thread

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Feeling weighed down by all the bad news in the world?

Can’t open the newspaper or turn on the TV without seeing repeated images of horror and injustice?

You want to ‘do something’, but how to know where to start?

This part is for you!

We have also had enough bad news and would like to do something to save our collective futures!

We wish to follow a ‘red thread’ of continuity throughout this trip- at once focussing on humanity, physicality, mentality and culture

We hope to meet people who give their time to others. The people in solidarity with their neighbours, children, the sick, the poor…

We want to meet them to draw a portrait of their local actions which, bit by bit, link by link, strengthen an incredible chain of solidarity.

The red thread thus wil be “solidarity”.  In the aim of weaving this intangible thread into our first hand encounters, we will ask the participants to answer a questionare along the lines of  ”if you were a quality, a place a monument…what would you be?” Once seen side by side, these portraits will allow us to get a little closer to unearthing the universal definition of the word “solidarity”.

The good news is that it’s the ordinary citizens who are involved every day that will get us there.

To us, they are a source of infinite inspiration and constantly push us to act.

In the section, we will add photos and short descriptions of projects visited along our journey. We sincerely hope that this part of the site will give you some inspiring ideas that you can put to action back home!

If you know of a local project, with modest means that is fighting for a more just tomorrow, today, please let us know!