Direction München, then the Danube !


Posted by Giom | Posted in On the road | Posted on 02-09-2012

Ah the Danube! I have been dreaming for months about it, I’ve heard its name in many languages​​: Donau Danube, Danube, Dunav, Dunarii … It is beautiful, it is majestic, it is stubborn, it is the longest river in Europe! (except of course if one considers that the Volga is in Europe, but that is another problem.) But before we learn more about this river, here are some words on the Km that led me to the bank of the river where there are many cyclists.

I first stopped at Lake Constance having a nice barbecue! Michaela ,an Austrian girl I know from my EVS in Romania, a friend of her and her mom who pampered me for a few days in Höchst. (See interview on Mouv radio! in French)