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Long time ago I had the idea to share recipes from our culinary discoveries, but have never done … Not taken the time !

So better late than never !

I have the honor to present the Pad Thai !

Delicious Thai food to taste without moderation so there is lots of good things :)

We do not grow weary and especially Anita one of the “Giant Guest House” where we spent eight days in Chiang Mai.

We did eat at each turn, I have done a far breton Felix and a paella .

So then here is the recipe!

As I wrote it with the ingredients we have here in Thailand. It may be that some ingredients are difficult to find in Europe …

  • 500g fresh pasta rice
  • 200g bean sprouts
  • 200g crushed dacahuètes
  • 400g fresh tofu
  • 4 eggs
  • prawns
  • small green chillies
  • Green onion shoots
  • kind of minced orange pickles
  • Sugar or honey
  • tamarind sauce
  • nuoc mam sauce
  • oil

Anita made ​​a pad thai person , so that the ingredients are cooked . Otherwise if you put everything in a wok , it may stick and cook less .

wok , fry a little tamarind sauce in preheated oil.

  1. add the pasta to a person
  2. add the tofu into small pieces
  3. add the small orange pickles
  4. all together on the side of the wok, add a little oil
  5. adding the egg by mixing the mixture
  6. add a little honey or sugar
  7. add the nuoc mam sauce
  8. add bean sprouts
  9. It’s ready! Arrange everything on a plate, sprinkle with peanuts , a little chili powder for lovers of hot peppers, bean sprouts , onion sprouts . The prawns grilled in the oven !

Of course every time you add must stir to cook over high heat in a wok !

And of course, thank you to Anita and Becky for the explanations ! And the delicious Pad Thai you see here in photos :)

Bon appetit !

For an explanation of the letter on a good cooking blog click here.

Translated by my friend Google… Sorry !

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Dear Giom,

So as I am currently reading Voluntour pages, I understand that you directly translate your articles onto English. No need for an interpreter anymore then !!

This is great and I hope to hear other stories in French when you’ll get back to us (Im sure, you ‘ll come to Angers !!. my little finger said it to me^^)

Thank you for sharing this recipe, long time I wanted to try cooking it !! but now, I do not have any excuse anymore !

Enjoy your travel xxx Chloé

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