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We have decided to donate all the proceeds of the fundraising campaign to Cystic Fibrosis research.

This project is part of “A Fond Pour Jo”.

Every now and then in our day to day lives, we may ask ourselves “what can we do to make adifference, to advance and evolve?”

“Will our children have a better life than us?” “How is life elsewhere ? How should we act?”

In such gloomy socio-economic times, one could easily think that the future is especially bleak …But then, you would be forgetting a tireless and motivated demographic determined not to give into these dreary prospects, but rather, determined to act !

They are the Youth- yes! Who said youngsters no longer mobilize themselves, and have all butdisengaged?We know they’re out there, and that’s why we’ve decided to go on a journey to meet them. Weaim to discover and promote their good actions, be they in the fields of education, health, social,economic or the environnement..

We hope to inspire children suffering from this illness to live vicariously through our discoveries.(and to feel empowered « to dream big. »)After a few months of volunteering in Romania, we wish to continue this rewarding experienceEastward bound! Direction: Vietnam, cycling. Departure: March 2012.
Discover the Eurasian continent all the way to Vietnam passing through EasternEurope, Persia, the Himalayas… In order to get there, we chose the bicycle as the mosteconomically and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Not to mention, the bike is auniversal mode of transport, a link between peoples.
Network with similar projects and initiatives : Micro projects, local NGOs, EuropeanVolunteer Service, Humanitarian fieldwork… Gather first hand accounts of theirmotivations, success and challenges. What significance does the word ‘solidarity’ hold forthem ? In this way, we hope to determine the problems inherent to each country, region,town, and neighbourhood that we visit.

Share our expedition with you, keep you updated regularly about our trip, theencountered projects and our impressions, as well as photos. After our tour, we will beable to share even more.

Give a little bit of ourselves to the people we meet, and to experience the joys and livesof the children of the world. We want to show this world to the affected children backhome and empower them « to dream big. »

Learn to push our limits. The journey is the destination, in many senses. We’re going tocome up against our own boundaries and find ourselves in unknown circumstances, notknowing what tomorrow will hold in store. These potential challenges are also one of ourbiggest motivations.

Dream together for a better world, we also want to collect dreams -in the form ofdrawings, words, songs- of the children and people we meet. To dream is a commondenominator of humankind, regardless of origin, gender, social class, and culture. Dreamsare thus indicative of our respective daily realities!
In order to fulfill our goals we need assistance. After updating our website, we will take up thetask of finding sponsors and equipment. Herewith, we present our dreams, motivation, and sincereintention to follow through on this project.